I had what looked to be a blood blister on the inside lip of my vagina and I popped it thinking it was an ingrown hair and now it won't stop bleeding?

Needs to be seen. Lumps, bumps, blisters and other skin abnormalities on the genitals need to be evaluated. An examination will be needed to know the cause and treatment. Folliculitis is one possibility. Herpes is an std which can cause this. Other possibilities too. Schedule an exam. Hold pressure for now to help control the bleeding.

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What could b causing small lk ingrown hair pimples below the belly to the top of vagina? Not in or around vagina lips, but above. Some have blood sad

Ingrown hair. If you shave or wax in that area, you may be getting ingrown hairs. Avoid irritation and allow the area to heal. If it keeps recurring, see a Dermatologist who can help you find a hair removal method that causes less ingrown hairs. Read more...