Every spring I seem to get a cold that leads to broncitis. I do have allergies but am a non smoker, is there a way to prevent this?

Yes. If by bronchitis you meant a cough, then it may be from post-nasal drips or asthma occurring seasonally. In spring grass and tree allergens are the most likely culprit. At the least, you need to get a lung function test to find out if the cough is from asthma. Only after the diagnosis is made can proper treatment be started. See allergist if problem is bothersome.
Allergies. A non-smoking 31 yo female with seasonal allergies gets a cold every spring that leads to bronchitis. This is common in patients with allergies to get sick in allergy season. Being on top of allergy symptoms and treating before an infection occurs is important. A combination of oral antihistamine (zyrtec) taken daily and a steroid nose spray 2x a day is helpful. Also try saline sinus rinses.