How can you lose weight quickly?

Yes, but don't. Your goal should never be rapid weight loss. Rarely is it healthy and rarely will it be permanent. Moreover, weight loss with the help of over-the-counter "fat burners" is never permanent. You're much better off stepping back, assessing your lifestyle - diet and activity - and making lifestyle changes that will result in gradual, but long-term, changes.
Xeno detox. Detoxing body of xenobiotics helps with quick weight loss.
Rapid wr loss . It is not healthy to lose more than one or two pounds per week. Slow and steady is best. There are no short cuts to diet and exercise. Cut down on your calories and start walking every day and stick to it. Ten pounds a month is 120 lbs a year.

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How can water help you lose weight quickly?

Fills & Chills! Drink a glass of cold water before eating. This will provide some satiation, and the cool water will decrease (short term) motility of your stomach. Make sure you drink another glass while you eat. Scientific studies have shown this helps with modest, but steady (not rapid) weight loss. Good diet maneuver! Read more...