What color should my baby's bowel movements be if I am breastfeeding?

Yellow, brown, green. Poop can be a blend of yellow, brown, and green colors. Babies older than a week usually have yellowish poops. Older kids tend to have brownish poops. Worrisome colors are red (blood), black (old blood), or grey/white (lacking in bile). A doctor should evaluate a child, if his or her poop is a worrisome color.
Yellow & seedy. Generally, most breast fed babies will produce soft (even slightly watery may be okay), yellow, seedy stools. This is very normal at least until your baby starts to consume baby foods. Once eating baby foods, the stools may change color and that is quite normal. The stools should never contain blood or large amounts of mucus. If your baby is taking an iron supplement, it may be blackish or green.
Yellow. Stool color, frequency, and consistency will change over time, but still are usually lighter color than formula fed babies' stools.