My father Afib still come back every week despite cordarone (amiodarone) treatment 200, betaloc50, aspirin&plavix, bp (13-16/7.5-8.5), scr1.5what to do please?

Stroke risk. Most importantly, he should probably be on a different blood thinner. Aspirin+plavix has not been shown to provide adequate stroke risk reduction. Apart from this options include possible left atrial ablation vs. AV node ablation and pacing.

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My father is on rhythm control for Afib by betaloc 50 and cordarone (amiodarone) 200mg he also took aspirin&plavix is this treatment good his age is72 hypertensive?

A Fib Rx. The only one who can answer if this Rx is "good" for your father is his local team who knows him best. There are just too many issues related to his problem that we do not know. So go talk to them with him. Read more...