I keep sinus infections and Levaquin (levofloxacin) doesn't fully get rid of them so is monodox the cure all my Dr claims?

Sorry, no cure-all. Recurrent sinusitis usually isn't the result only of infection. Typically allergy or partial blockage of a sinus opening is responsible for recurrent infections. Either levofloxacin (Levaquin) or doxycycline (Monodox) is likely to help any particular infection, but neither is better than the other, and profbably neither would prevent all infections unless allergy or blockage is also cleared up.

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I have had reoccuring sinus infections that clearup on meds. I am currently on a course of levaquin, (levofloxacin) and it's back. Why is this? It's a bad one.

Recurrent sinusitis . This is a complex issue . It could keep coming back if you received antibiotics that didn't cover resistant bacteria, maybe you didn't get other adjunctive rx in addition to antibiotics like steroids, or there is a chronic inflammation that is interfering with sinus drainage. You may have sinus anatomy problems, deviated septum, and other issues. See an ENT for full exam and work-up. Read more...

I have had reoccuring sinus infections since thanksgiving. I am currently on a 21 day levaquin, (levofloxacin) today I have symptoms again! Do I wait until I am done?

Sinusitis. At this point you just simply need to get more evaluation maybe an x-ray is in order of your sinuses. Something could be blocking the drainage and therefore causing long-term infection. Read more...