How should vaginal discharge look during menopause?

Vaginal discharge. May change gradually after menopause. In a woman who does not use hormones, the vaginal mucosa gradually becomes atrophic or thin. This can cause an inflammatory discharge that appears yellowish. There may also be spotting due to breaks in the mucosa especially with sexual activity leading to blood-tinged discharge.
Clear or white. The normal vaginal discharge is clear or white. After menopause there may be less vaginal discharge due to the lower estrogen levels. Green, gray, or yellow discharge likely means an overgrowth of bacteria, while a lumpy (cottage cheese) discharge is common with a yeast infection. Red, pink, black, or brown discharge is associated with blood and is never normal after menopause.

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What does light green vaginal discharge in post menopausal woman mean?

Vaginosis. Vaginosis. A bacterial vaginitis where the vault is colonized with bacteria. See your PCPS or GYN for antibiotics. This needs to be examined to obtain right diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

What does it mean when your vaginal discharge suddenly completely stop for days? There's no possibility of menopause, I am 23.

Menstruation. Periods vary widely from woman to woman. Some periods are punctual, some are unpredictable. See your doctor who may prescribe you oral contraceptives to regulate your menstrual period. Also, do a home pregnancy test.
Please clarify. Do you mean your monthly period has stopped? Do you mean it came and stopped early? Different explanation for different situations. If you are expecting a period and didn't get one, I think you know the commonest cause for that.