Should I stop taking my pradaxa? I saw the commericals about how bad it is.

Check with MD. You should not stop this medication without discussing this with your presscribing doctor. You could suffer harm coming off this anti-coagulant. You are on it for a reason and should stay on it until other arrangements or advise is given. See your prescribing doctor very soon to discuss the pros and cons of this medication and the alternatives.
No! I don't know what commercials you saw, and I'm not someone who supports drug companies. I can tell you that good research shows that Pradaxa is as good as Coumadin (warfarin) and might even be safer. I don't know why you're taking it, but certainly don't stop without talking to your doctor! .
Talk to your doctor. I am not sure which commercial you are referring to. If you are concerned about side effects such as heart burn talk to your doctor about alternative options. If you have any bleeding call your doctor right away.