Is it normal to still have breast milk after three years?

Yes. Breastfeeding at least every two to three hours helps to maintain milk production. For most women, eight breastfeeding or pumping sessions every 24 hours keeps their milk production high. Therefore, if you have continued to breastfeed or are still pumping then it is normal to still have breast milk after three years. As soon as you stop breast feeding, your breasts will stop producing milk.
Lactation. It is not normal if you are no longer breast feeding. As long is the nipple is stimulated, there is a signal to continue producing breast milk. However, if you are continuing to lactate despite cessation of feeding it may signal the need to visit an endocrinologist.

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I lost a baby when I was 3 months along. I had a dnc and my breast milk came in, that was almost 4 years ago. Is it normal to still have breast milk?

No. I would definitely see you ob/gyn and have hormone levels checked as 4 years of breast milk production is just not normal. Could be something going on with your pituitary gland and/or other sources of excess prolactin production, and this needs to be investigated. Read more...