How to get rid of scars of laproscopy?

Will fade in time. No known magic cure Probably take > 1 yr.
Here are some... Scar is forever, but can evolve over time in an unpredictable way reflecting personal property of healing ability. So, leave it alone; if obsessed, seek evaluation and counseling so to decide if worthwhile to go through minor surgery with cosmetic excision.

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How to get rid of laparoscopy scars? Any solution? I really need help in this

They R small, why- -do U need them 2 go away? If a keloid or raised scar, any attempt 2 improve them will also lead 2 the same or larger scars. Just put up with what U have, especially if the scope was recent. Scars take about a year 2 really mature, give it time. Read more...

How to get rid of laparoscopy surgery scars? Will plastic surgery help?

Improvement likely. most lapraroscopy scars heal almost imperceptibly, but if in your case your scars did not heal well, a plastic surgeon can likely greatly improve the scar appearance. It is important to realize however that you will likely always have some sort of scar there, but in general the line fades to almost nothing over a bout a year. Read more...