Approximately how long does it take to develop lung cancer from smoking cigarrettes? Do electronic cigarrettes actually help a person quit smoking?

Why take a chance? Cigarettes cause more than 90% of lung cancers, and more than 90% of many other cancers. Having said that, you can smoke all your life and never get cancer; you can also get lung cancer if you have never smoked a cigarette in your life. Smoking is like playing russian roulette. Electronic cigarettes help you quit, only if you are serious about quitting.
Decades. It can take decades to cause lung cancer from smoking. These cigarettes with water vapor help in replacing the need to inhale and puff on something. There are many techniques to quit and not successful in every patient. Many quit by willpower and stopping cold turkey. There are medicines like Chantix that help some. Most hospitals have smoking cessation programs.
20 year lag period. There is generally a 20 year lag period between the development of cancer risk from smoking or second hand smoke and the development of lung cancer. Electronic cigarrettes have shown to be effective. Try 1-800 no butts.
Once you smoke... It is harder to quit than you think. I quit 5 times before it worked cold turkey. Nicotine delivery devices transfer the source of teh addiction, but doesn't break it. Our tools help but once hooked, yu are hooked for life and at risk of relapse. Do not start! quit if you can. Ask for help.