Short PR interval & early repolorasation pattern on ECG. Multiple runs of NSVT. Cardiac MRI ruled out structural heart disease. What can this be?

Abnormal EKG. Should be evaluated by an electrophysiologist. If you have a short PR and PSVT - rule out re entrant tachycardias. You need a specialist evaluation that deals only with electrical problems of the heart.
Short PR: ? possible. WPW (typically delta waves within 1st portion of some QRS waves), or LGL (no delta waves), due to an additional connection (not just AV node) between atrial & ventricle muscle cells. While brain control can usual suppress SVT, such connections, if present, can ? episodes of NSVT. Best: 1st Optimize NMR lipoproteins, HbA1c, BP, avoid Xanax (alprazolam) (addictive & often ?es problems), solve life problems. GL!

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Stress ECG abnormal but coronary angiogram normal, any other test (e.G echo) to ruled out underlying heart disease?

Depends. What was the reason for the stress test? A stress test, depending on the type, may have anywhere from 10-20% false positive rate, where the test suggests a possible problem, but a more definitive test, like an angiogram, is fine. Discuss with your doctor. If the stress test was for chest pain, then further testing to look for non-cardiac causes may be helpful. Read more...
Stress tests. Have higher false positive (and false negative) rate than we'd like to admit. Try getting a session of multifunction cardiogram instead. It is a very accurate stress, radiation and drug free heart test! http://en.M.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/multifunction_cardiogram. Read more...