Can having very thin corneas cause flactuating blurry vision and dry eyes?

No. A very thin cornea induced by inappropriate patient selection and laser refractive surgery can profoundly affect the vision-- very rare and probably not you. A thin cornea will not change your vision, or cause dry eyes.
No. Very thin corneas are a risk factor in the diagnosis of glaucoma but unless there is other pathology causing the thin-ness like keratoconus, then the vision is usually stable and eye dryness comes from other causes..

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Can post viral syndrome cause dry eyes, eye soreness and slightly blurry vision?

Dry eyes. What kind of viral infection preceded this?. If it is not related to the eye or facial area, I doubt it is secondary to the viral infection. You may have dry eyes, try artificial tear solutions available over the counter, if blurry vision continues have it checked out. Read more...

Would theratears supplement get rid of my blurry vision cause of dry eyes?

It can help. Theratears™ nutrition supplements can help you with your dry eye symptoms, together with additional artificial tears daily. Warm compresses and lid hygiene with diluted baby shampoo to cleanse the eyelid margins will be of additional benefit. Humidify your living environment air is beneficial. Read more...