Can post medial meniscectomy pain give pain only to lateral side of knee after 6yrs meniscectomy? Fresh MRI shows medial meniscus retear in remnant?

Knee pain. this should not be the cause of your lateral knee pain and there is likely a new pain generator, which could be IT band syndrome, fat pad impingement, or patellofemoral pain if MRI did not show any significant finding in the lateral meniscus or articular cartilage.

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H/o medial meniscectomy 6yrs back, now pain on lateral side of knee? Fresh MRI show medial meniscus retear in remnant and PF wear? Need Surgery again?

Arguable. Recent articles show knee exercises are as good or better than surgery for knee arthritis and meniscal tears treated with use and quad strengthening show almost the same results as surgery. If Aleve (naproxen) and good athletic shoes offer comfort, I'd avoid further surgery. Take Chondroitin daily and hope for the best. Read more...