Hello doctor, my son is 14 and had a wrist xray to measure his bone age. He had broken this wrist 3 yrs ago. The nurse told us his growth plate is clo?

Silly nurse. The x-ray for bone age is done on the wrist/hand because there are dozens of growth plates in the digits and features of the wrist bones that are known to help predict bone maturity/growth potential. For the nurse to say a growth center is closed gives us no important information.It is also a break in protocol for him/her to comment on something about which which they seem to know so little.
What does the- -written report say. If the fracture was through the growth line, that is always a possibility,but rare. Radiologists can estimate expected further growth from x-rays, helps you to decide on what you should do, but only on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon.