If you haven't worn your ivisilgn retainer for a month due to it breaking and your teeth shift, can you wear a ivisilign retianer to shift them back?

Possibly. But you will need to see your provider first to evaluate your condition. Improper forces placed on your teeth by ill fitting retainers or aligners can cause bone damage and loss of teeth. You may need a few aligners to reposition your teeth. Talk to your dentist.
No. A retainer retains, it helps stabilize teeth. Invisalign treatment does not fine tune your occlusion as well as braces treatment, so teeth more likely to relapse if retainers not worn as directed. Please see an Orthodontic Specialist for retreatment and new retainers, then wear retainers EXACTLY as perscribed.
No, Simple Solution. I would recommend to call you dentist/orthodontist and ask them to get you a new tray. Problem solved.
No. More likely no, you need to be evaluated by the dentist/orthodontist that started the case so see if they can make adjustment or need to go another direction to put you back on track.