A constant ache like a stitch on my left side around the waist area. Any ideas what this maybe. Peeing is fine.?

Many possibilities. Without a full history and exam the possibilities are vaguely defined. It could be related to the colon, the spleen, or even the lowermost area of the lung coverings i.e. Pleursy. If it relates to deep breathing, pleursy may be the case however still organs like kidney and spleen move some with deep breathing. Make sure there is no constipation.
Hard to Say. If the pain radiates down into outer thigh, could be meralgia paresthetica. This happens when tight clothing, a belt or in days gone by a garter belt compressed the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Could also be an hernia. Could also be shingles. You need to get to a doctor to work out what is going on here.