Hi! My wisdom teeth are growing (bottom) and I bite my cheek and now there's a hole on the cheek and it hurts and burns. Could this be cancer?

Not yet. Can it turn into cancer or the definition of cancer? YES it can...start a warm salt water rinse and 600mg Ibuprofen (depending on medical or allergic conditions) for control of pain, swelling and to help with healing. The pain and burning is from you biting it but if this continues I would have the wisdom tooth removed.
Probably not. But continued irritation over a long enough period of time can cause cancer. You are in pain. You have ulcerated tissues. What are you waiting for? Go see a Dentist. Why suffer?
Unlikely. Trauma to the cheek from a wisdom tooth trying to erupt into the mouth is quite common. If the ulcerated area persists and the cause (wisdom tooth) is not addressed, there is a potential that the ulcerated area could become more of a concern. See your dentist for evaluation.