Experiencing headache and pain in the back of the neck?

Cervical spine. That combination of symptoms leads me to think you have cervical spine pathology. This can causer neck pain, of course, as well as a headache that arcs over the head, as if you were putting on a helmet from back to front.

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Am 23 yr female since yesterday am experiencing headache pain in my shoulder back of my neck and ankle what could cause that?

It's most likely. Some sort of muscular tissue strain. The ankle is likely a seperate issue but watch for fever. Have you been sleeping at night or grinding, clinching teeth when u do? If so that's gonna add to it, easy to treat medically. Go in if no improvement, any new sports recently? Any inflammation? We can try a private if new onset, linked to mood sx's or insomnia but sounds self limiting. Good luck. Read more...