My vitamin d level is 13. Does vit d deficiency cause facial swelling??

No. B"sd No not a reason for facial swelling Quite low levels very low are common, significance is unclear. "Correct" level of vitamin D are quite arbitrary - usually given as 30 but as low as 15 may be fine. Some recent studies also suggest higher levels may even be harmful. I would check your calcium and parathyroid hormone levels (PTH) as elevated levels usualy reflect Vit D deficiency.

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My vitamin d level is 12. My face is bloated since a few years. My thryoid, creatinine, cortisol etc are fine. Is the swelling due to my deficiency? I

One way to find out. Low Vit. D causes many imbalances.
Face bloating isn't a classic symptom of low D, but it's possible it's connected. Whether it is or not, it's important to correct this for your overall health. When your D levels normalize you will see if your bloating improves. Most adults need 5-8000 iu of D3/day. Aim for levels of 50-80.
PS could also be side effect of your meds. Read more...

Insomnia problems for over a month. My Vitamin D level is at 30 (lowest on ref range). Can low Vit D levels cause insomnia/sleep problems?

It can cause many. things. Chances are you are low in other minerals as well and should work with your doctor to get a comprehensive panel done, so you are not shotgunning things. It can cause insomnia, as can 21 other things too. So this is why working with your PCP is so impt.A neuroendocrine/ adrenal panel may be helpful to address your overall picture regarding hot flashes too.UR weight can affect absorption 2. Read more...