There is and ulcer on my uvula and the back of my gums behind me back teeth?

Canker Sores. can be very painful. Individual ulcers on the uvula oral mucosa typically last 1-2 weeks. Try to keep adequate oral hygiene as possible. If concerned, see your GP for eval.
Oral ulcers. There are a number of causes oral ulcers. It may be a virus or bacterial infection, trauma, vomiting,or other causes. See a dentist to find out the cause and the best treatment.
ENT consultation. Start with an examination by your ENT to rule out any pathology. If the ENT feels that a dental consult is needed, you will be referred.
May or may not. Ulcers may or may not be related. Can be viral, bacterial, and/or fungal. May not be ulcers, bat may be other types of oral lesions. See an expert. Call your Dentist for an appointment for differential diagnosis and treatment plan.

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I have an ulcer in between my wisdom tooth gum and tooth at the back of my mouth. Will it errode my gums away or will it heal on its own?

Proper Diagnosis. Being a lay person, i cannot rely on your diagnosis of an "ulcer" as to what you actually have. I would recommend that you see a local dentist for a definitive diagnosis and advice as to what, if anything, should be the course of action. Read more...
Pericorinitis. This sounds like you have what is called a pericorinitis or infection of the area behind the wisdom tooth. It will not typically heal itself and after infection control you will most likely have to have the wisdom tooth removed to avoid it having to happen again. See your local oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Read more...