Should relatives of stage IV lynch syndrome patient (28yrs old) have a colonoscopy? Other tests or procedures? Thank you.

Need screening plan. Lynch Syndrome (LS) causes increased risk for a number of cancers including colorectal, uterine, kidney, and others. If a family member has a gene change that causes LS, genetic testing of all family members is needed to determine risk and make a cancer prevention plan. Colonoscopy should be considered by age 20 or 2-5 years earlier than the earliest colon cancer if it is diagnosed before age 25.
Yes. Lynch syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease. All first degree relatives should have a colonoscopy and genetic testing for mlh1 and msh2 mutations. I recommend you see a gastroenterologist with experience managing lynch syndrome.
Need more info. The answer depends on the age and the relationship. Is the relative in a position of risk in the pedigree?
Gene test first. If the patient is known to have lynch syndrome, the genetic abnormality should have been identified. Once that is done, family members can be tested for the same genetic problem at relatively low cost. If negative, family members are screened the same as general population. If positive, then yes, complete evlauation is appropriate. If genetic defect is unknown or can't be found, then yes for scope.