What can you do if you smoked 2 30 MG oxys on Friday and have to pass a urine drug test monday?

You can be honest. because it is highly likely that the test will be positive. Modern urine drug testing will look for any signs that you have tried to adulterate the specimen by water loading or diluting the specimen itself, or use any of the products sold on the internet, and you will automatically fail if those occur, or if the temperature is too low etc. Worry more about having a drug problem than getting caught.
Get help with this. Please forgive my frankness. No cleanser will work. If you knew you had to pass a drug test, and still did this, then drugs are a dangerous part of your life that will do you serious harm sooner or later. The fact that you're smart enough to have found HealthTap is very much to your credit. For the sake of those who love you, please contact someone in drug recovery / rehabilitation now.