Is lithium safe in pregnancy?

No. Lithium is not safe during pregnancy. For one thing, it can cause cardiac/ heart defects in the baby ( epstiens anomoly). Lithium has a narrow margin of safety ; therfore, the fluid shifts that occur during pregancy may effect lithium levels, putting both the mother and baby at risk. If a woman is on prescribed medications and becomes pregnant, she should notify her doctor immediately.
There Are Risks. Lithium should only be used during pregnancy if the risk of stopping it outweighs the possible risks to the baby. There are risks of congenital problems with lithium. You need to discuss this carefully with your doctor.
Lithium in pregnancy. Lithium can be used in pregnancy but only with close monitoring for the rare but serious complications it can cause.
Avoid at all cost!!! Lithium is not safe in pregnancy. Lithium can cause multiple neurological complication and malformation specially during your first trimester.