How not to be anxious and getting a good sleep before my step 1 USMLE exam day?

Preparing for exam. Several suggestions: begin some regular exercise, about 30 min at least 3x/wk, avoid caffeine, eat well but not a heavy meal the night before the exam. Study with friends if possible, will help you feel less anxious. Avoid sleeping pills or alcohol, will lower your performance. If you are using marijuana daily, lower dose slightly. If you are occasional user, avoid day before test. Good luck!
Anxiety is normal. It would be unusual if a person wasn't anxious the day before an important exam. The ideal way to deal with this is to have worked hard and know you pretty well did what you could to prepare yourself.. I wouldn't start taking medications for the first time a few days before the exam nor would I suggest alcohol or marijuana. Some warm milk & quiet bedroom might help. Allow at least 8 hrs. Good luck.
Relax. On the day before your USMLE Step 1, the anxiety is tremendous. I would not be so bold to recommend anxie latex, however for some they may find this beneficial. Or, something like ambien (zolpidem) would be even better to knock you out. Otherwise the safer route is natural. Personally, I studied the day before my step. I went fishing. Make the day active & fun!
Daily meditation practice. Daily meditation can help you manage your anxiety and sleep. Anxiety can drive people to work hard for success. So you don't want to eliminate anxiety but manage it. Meditation helps you do that. Additionally, before your exam repeat a positive affirmation. For Example, "I am intelligent and competent. " or "I am grateful for the anxiety that drives me to work hard to pass my exam."
Test Anxiety. It is good to have a medical exam first to rule out any underlying illness. You could seek psychotherapy from a clinical psychologist for a program to reduce test-taking anxiety, including breathing exercises. There are also medications to help with this. With good psychotherapy it can be possible for certain people to overcome the need for medication for panic attacks.
Exercise and. study well b4 taking your exam. I don't recommend marijuana.
Exercise . Exercise eat well and sleep well the whole week before. Cramming is overrated. Then modest exercise a good meal without alcohol or medication for sleep and you will be fine. Even if you don't get your best night sleep the actual night before you'll still be way ahead of the game. So no worries!