Is the hand-over-mouth technique still used in pediatric dentistry? My 1st dentist used that often & I believe it is partially to blame for my phobia.

Not recommended. The hand over mouth exercise (HOME) has been eliminated from the clinical guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). There are other Psychological and Pharmacological methods to help alleviate apprehension from the young dental patient. Most Pediatric Dental offices today are designed to give the young child a comfortable, non- threatening feeling, thus the term Dental Home.
Education . Mainly due to its controversial acceptance among parents, ethical beliefs, and patient acceptance; the hand over mouth (HOM) technique has been minimized in the use of behavior management in the field of pediatric dentistry. This technique may be still in use by older practicing dentists, but there have been better advances in behavior management therapy.
OMG...NOOOOO. It is an illegal technique that has not been used in years. Sad to say but I am sure it is still being used some where out there but in today's world it is not used any more (thank god)
Not used anymore. Today Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen is the safest pharmacologic methods of behavior management.