Swollen painful neck glands, fever 100.6, chills, painful to Tilt my head back, headache, and sore throat.?

Maybe strep, etc... Nose and throat symptoms can be from cold viruses, strep throat, allergies, etc... It can be difficult to tell what the cause is. If symptoms only last 1-2 days, it was likely allergies, irritation, or a mild cold. Doctors have rapid 5-minute tests for strep, so a primary care doctor can diagnose strep and start antibiotics without delay. Sounds like it's time for a trip to the doctor.

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Hi I have a very seollen gland under jaw line its really painful, I don't have a fever or a sore throat, the only pain is the gland?

Swollen Gland. It sounds like your submandibular salivary gland. If so, it can get infected or have a stone caught in the duct that empties salava under the tongue. It could also be a lymph node. See an ENT specialist for a definitive diagnosis. Read more...