I have talked w/ my psychologist about taking antidepressants to manage OCD, but I'm worried about sexual side effects. Likelihood/severity of this?

OCD. can respond to medication. If you take medication monitor yourself. If you have little or no side-effects so much the better. If side-effects, tell your doc who may switch your med or change the dose. Also consider seeing a clinical psychologist who specializes in OCD and a treatment called "response prevention." A self-help app is called nOCD. Peace and good health.

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My psychologist and I have talked about me taking antidepressants for OCD, but I don't want sexual side effects. What is severity/likelihood?

OCD med help. Have a consultation with pcp or psychiatrist to review treatment options. Consider risk of side effects (should be minimal to none) vs. continuing to suffer with OCD. Not all medications for OCD affect libido. Remember, any side effects are dose-related and reversible if med is stopped. I hope this helps. Read more...