Can you get a veneer placed over just 1 tooth? My front bottom tooth is slightly chipped and bonding keeps falling off. Is 1 veneer a good option then

Possibly . Each situation must be evaluated individually. It's very important to figure out if it keeps breaking due to material failure of the bonding or due to other factors such as night grinding or Clenching. A simple habit like fingernail biting can also break bonding and veneers. Teeth are not tools. They are not to open bags of chips, nailclippers, icecruchers,thread cutters, etc. Good luck.
Very common. With today's ceramic technology, the possibility of placing one single veneer on a front tooth is quite common and feasible.
Yes, you can. The occlusion, position of the tooth, and amount of tooth structure left all play a role in determining if it is a good option for your specific situation.