Can a ear tube cause swimmer's ear infection if you accidentally get water in your ear.?

Otorrhea. What can happen with an ear tube in place is that the water goes through the tube into the middle ear and causes an infection in the middle ear. This then drains out into the ear canal(called otorrhea with intact tympanostomy tube). It is best treated with antibiotic ear drops that an ENT doctor can prescribe for you.

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Could me having ear tubes be the cause of my ear infections. I got them in 4th grade and they already came out.

Odd question. The walls of the middle ear make mucous like the skin inside your cheeks. The mucous, is a food source for germs, who enter middle ear space from the blocked eustachian tube ; multiply to the point they may cause fever or pain. The tubes provide an extra drain for mucous so it is not trapped, and germs have nothing to feed them.This drops the frequency of infections, it doesn't increase them. Read more...