How long after ACL reconstruction (patellar autograft) with medial meniscus repair and lateral meniscectomy can one start taking anti-inflammatories?

One week postop. Generally speaking, one week after surgery is ok, assuming there are no blood thinner issues.
Varies. Surgeons vary on their opinion about this, so you would probably want to check with your individual surgeon. The general idea is that the healing process of the bone plug on your graft includes an inflammatory stage for the first 4 weeks or so that could be potentially inhibited by taking an antiinflammatory.

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I've had an orthroscopic ACL reconstruction using a hamstring graft and a meniscus repair sugery 20 days ago, and now my knee is loose is that normal?

Well. After any surgery, it takes time to heal from it. Most people with ACL repair surgeries will take 3-4 months to feel like the knee feels stable and stronger as the graft sets in. Obviously following your doctor's orders are key and when rehab starts follow it to a T. You will do just fine. If you a re concerned talk to your doctor. Read more...

I had acl reconstruction and meniscus repair. Pain and swelling in knee was typical. No swelling at all in foot until ten days later. Is this normal?

Yes and no. It is not terribly uncommon for patients who have knee surgery to have swelling that then begins to track down into the ankle and foot. That being said, there are also people who have knee surgery that develop a blood clot, which can potentially be life threatening. So I would let your surgeon know immediately and follow his recommendations about whether your postoperative course is appropriate. Read more...