I have a 17 year old daughter and she hasn't started her first period yet so I was wanting to know is normal for my 17 year old to not have her first?

No. Not normal. At her annual check-ups, her pediatrician would have asked her about her menstrual cycles. Usually, the parent is not in the room during teen check-ups. If she really never had a period, she needs to have an evaluation now (exam and blood tests). It is not normal to not have periods by age 17. The doctor will want to see how the rest of her pubertal changes are doing, and learn her family history.
No. Menses should occur by age 15 or the kid needs a full evaluation for why not. This can be a problem with the girl parts,the hormones, or both.Treatment may be simple or very complex. You won't know until you have the evaluation done, but I would schedule a visit to start the process.