L am in pain everyday in my muscle and joints, nothing works. All my tests are normal. No pain medicine or depression drugs work, what I can do?

FIBROMYALGIA. It sounds that you have fibromyalgia, it is commonly in women who complain of chronic , widespread body pain and may cause disturbed sleep and insomnia. If pain killers and anti-depressants can not help, physical therapy and chiropractor may be tried also cognitive behavioral therapy can help.
Fibromyalgia? Ask your doctor to check you for fibromyalgia. This may explain your problems. This can be made worse by deconditioning, sleep poorly and/or stress. Each of these must be checked to help you develop your best therapy program. There are medications availble that can sometimes help, but he corrct diagnosis is most important to help you..
ConsiderFibromyalgia. The fibromyalgia syndrome [fms] exhibits chronic [lasting at least 3 months] widespread [involving much of the body] pain. Many medications used for pain or depression are not helpful for fms pain. Routine lab tests are usually normal. Return to your primary care physician, or see a rheumatologist, with the specific question: is my pain caused by fms. Learn about fms from a variety of sources.