I have severe trapezius muscle spasms...unbearable pain some days. Taking methocarbamol 500mg & Oxycodone 10mg. Not helping enough- any suggestions? I

Diagnosis . It really all comes down to the specific diagnosis. Long term narcotics would not be a good idea. Most common cause is an undeyinh structural problem in the spine such as a "pinched nerve" or a symptomatic facet joint. Other possibility us cervical dystonia. Either way, an accurate diagnosis and initiation of treatment specific to cause would be helpful.
Yes. Symptomatic treatment with pain pills or muscle relaxants are just that. Why the severe spasms? Most commonly it is related to your body responding to some sort of threat. The threat can be real or imagined, and it can be related to anything internal or external which could put your body out of balance. For symptoms: trigger point work, acupuncture, & massage, I'd try before more meds.