Does aloe vera and amla juice really do assist in weight loss, I am doing exercises apart from that. Like running and lifting?

Adjunct only. Every physician here will tell you that while there's a need for meds and surgery from time to time, the exuberant good health that you seek doesn't come out of a pill bottle. Vitamins and "antioxidants" are of minimal benefit compared with the changes you're making -- make friends with other guys who work out and/or run, go crazy over this new activity, and the benefits will be enormous.
Alma is okay. The health benefits of Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, can be partially attributed to its high vitamin-C content. The Indian Gooseberry belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family and is reported to have a multitude of health benefits. Gooseberry contains many minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene and Vitamin B Complex. Amla is also a powerful antioxidant. Enjoy!