Whats a good lotion for dry skin cuz of the weather for children?

Cerave or Aquaphor. I usually recommend these 2 in the winter time. It is best to bathe your child daily, then pat his skin, leaving moisture on his skin, and apply the ointment. The daily bath helps provide the missing moisture to his skin.
CeraVe or cetaphil. Bathing every other day is helpful and pay drying the skin before applying the moisturizer cream. 2 really good creams are cerave or cetaphil restoraderm creams.
Cetaphil Restoraderm. Cetaphil restoraderm has been designed to work with dry skin due to eczema. Use it whenever you feel the skin is dry. And instead of washing the body with soap, you can use their body wash as well, which is less drying than soap during the time the dry skin flares up.