Can pelvic and hip pain mean kidney stones? I'm really nervous what should I do?

Kidney Stones. The pain of nephrolithiasis is the worst we know of and if you we passing a stone you would never have to ask questions. Suffice it to say, if you were passing one you would be in the emergency room and not have a single question in your mind as to the diagnosis. Morphine injections are a poor help.

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CT showed mild-moderate fluid on pelvis. Having pelvic/back pain. No kidney stones. Should I be concerned? Can free fluid mean Cancer of any type?

Here are some... What might cause pelvic/back pain? To deduce its cause, more specific features of the pain and the related sequence of events + proper physical exam are essentially needed, and CT findings ordered for such have to correlate with clinical pic as deduced above. To get thing done correctly, follow instructions in; thereby, you gain much insight on how to... Read more...