MCV 77.4, MCH 24.9, RDW 14.8, HGB 14.8. Ferritin 288. Vit. D27ng. Take Iron 65mg Vitamin D and B12 everyday. Cycle of being tired/ pale skin. Last a wk?

Hb upper normal, not. ?: anemia unlikely basis for fatigue. MCV a little? c/w ?iron, yet Hb good: bone marrow has enough iron, B12 & folic acid to make plenty of RBCs. Vit D (D3=what counts) is ?, common in US. Rec: 70-80 ng/mL, & most Vit Ds (Rx & OTC) do not work well. BioTech D3 50,000 IU 1 of few I have never seen fail, yet dose tracking/adjust key & not likely basis fatigue. Pale=local capillary flow; not=anemia.