2nd day on phentermine 30 mg 1time a day. I weight 248lb, 25yr &5'4.Obgyn prescride it i, m only taking it for a short term. I have read + and - help?

Phentermine. Dear jessica, your doc is right about the Phentermine warnings about the short term use. But, it is many bariatric physician's experience that a patient that is monitored frequently ie montlhly. And submits to the required labs and physical exams can take Phentermine safely and can lose and maintain their weight loss. All of us are hopeful for more medical/pharmaceutical options for our patients.
Amphetamine safety. A recent study that compared 18 year olds who had never been on stimulant type medication to those who had taken stimulants since early in elementary school. Testing revealed no differences in cardiovascular risk factor between the two groups. Since Phentermine is very similar (and schedule IV as opposed to schedule ii) to the meds used for adhd it is safe to assume supervised used is very safe.