Swollen bump under chin to left, tender left breast, sore left nipple with cracks, tingling under left collarbone to nipple cause itch. Is it all related?

Probably unrelated. The lump under the chin could be an enlarged lymph node or swollen salivary gland and if it doesn't recede within a week or if it increases in size or new lumps appear, get examined by an ENT specialist. Dryness and cracks in a nipple aren't unusual but that and the tingling in the chest appears to be separate issues. Left breast tissue may be congested and hormone related but get checked for it.

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Off and on tingling pain in my left breast and sore like nipple what can cause this?

Variety. Sensations like this are sometimes related to menstrual changes. If there is any unusual skin redness or nipple discharge this would be worrisome for an infection of the milk duct. If the discomfort persists, you should see your doctor for an exam and possibly an ultrasound. Keep notes about when the pain started, and what factors make it better or worse. Read more...