I'm sexually active, 3 days late, sore breast all over but more on sides especially at night, alot of dryness and cramps that come and go at times I feel like im getting my period but nothing. I been feeling really moody all the time!

Check preg test. Start by checking a pregnancy test. See how this goes. If neg and symptoms persist check again in a week or so. If still beg then just be patient and wait for the cycle .
Get tested and GYN. exam is important for you. Do a home pregnancy test and always use condoms PLUS spermicidal foam, jelly, BC pills, vaginal spermicidal insert and discuss your sex life with your GYN for the best protection and pelvic exam.
Pregnancy test. It sounds as if you are worried about possible pregnancy. Take a home pregnancy test. Check it in a week if negative and your period doesn't show up. See your doctor if symptoms persist.
Maybe you need to. check for pregnancy. If first test negative, then check again in 1 week. It is always good to assume that you may be pregnant, since breast tenderness is one of the first signs of pregnancy. If both tests are negative, and you have a period, then you know you are not pregnant. Breast tenderness can also come from hormonal imbalance and overstimulation, or infection if it is just one breast.