I have kidney cancer, and I was wondering is it safe for me to get a tattoo.? I'm in remission for 2 years now and was always dying to get a tattoo

Tattoo. I would not advise a tattoo for legal reasons because it can become infected. However, if you survived Renal CA , you most likely can survive a simple tattoo. If you are really concerned, try a little one first to be sure you are not allergic to the ink and then go for it. Be sure the needles are sterilized.
Congratulations. I'm glad you are doing well after your treatment for renal cancer - regular follow-up with your urologist remains important. As a physician, I counsel patients that tattoos can potentially subject them to blood-bourne infectious disease, such as Hepatitis. Given this risk, I am unaware of any specific additional risk to patients with a history of renal cancer.