I have shooting pain in left elbow. Terrible random pain. Also shooting pain and dull ache in left shoulder blade? Worried about heart.

Must call the doctor. A person with chest, left shoulder, or left arm pain symptoms and is worried about her heart, has to go to her doctor or the E.R. to be checked for a heart attack now. That means not waiting at home to see if it becomes a bad heart attack. It could turn out to be a lung problem, a bone or muscle problem, a nerve problem, or an acid reflux problem, but the heart attack kills people.

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Stabbingpain in left shoulder blade that shoots down back of arm til bout right after elbow something like pinch on heart back pain. History?

Maybe neck. Could be cervical disc issue, but might involve brachial plexus. With left arm, best to check out by ekg, but less likely to be cardiac referred pain at your age. Read more...

I have a brief burning in my left shoulder blade, worse when walking, that fades after 2 seconds and a brief burning in left elbow to wrist. Heart?

Possible. It would be most unusual for you to have coronary artery plaques at your age, but you could experience some spasm of coronary arteries or have difficulty getting oxygen to the inner lining of the vessels when you're walking or exercising. The prognosis is good if these are the explanation for your symptoms though. Consult a cardiologist for testing, advice and treatment. Read more...