I got a wrist fractured a T shaped plate was planted in my hand 6 7 months ago its recovered now iam having some issues at my gym while my exercise.

What are your issues. Not sure what your problems are, but generally after surgery for wrist fractures there is some loss of motion of that wrist. This should get better with time but may take over a year to get better on its own. You should check with your surgeon to be sure everything is going ok and they may send you to see a therapist to help you get back to the gym without pain.
Arthritic Pain. A T-shaped plate suggests that tour fracture was complex (several parts) and when the break is at the end of the bone I assume the break was thru the joint surface. It is rare that this type of break can be perfectly repositioned so you must have some irregularity remaining, The irregular joint surface IS arthritis and must be treated that way. Use it with discomfort and NSAIDs like aspirin.