Is it bad to take mobic (meloxicam) or aleve if you have acid reflux?

Taking NSAIDs. generallyn it is pretty safe to take NSAIDs if you have reflux. I would take them with food. If you have known ulcer disease, it is wise to limit the NSAIDs or take them with a protective drug that reinforces the liking of the stomach. Avoid drinking a lot when you are being treated for ulcer disease. Good luck and feel better.

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Is taking mobic (meloxicam) for muscle pain bad if you have acid reflux?

Possible. Acid reflux is due to many things, but typically due to loose lower esophageal sphincter allowing gastric contents to enter the esophagus causing irritation. Mobic (meloxicam) might irritate the esophagus but hard to say if it will make it worse. If the reflux is due to stomach issue then possibly it could be making things worse. I would discuss with GI specialist. Read more...