My upper lip and nose tingling and numb, what would cause that??

PARESTHESIA EVAL. You need an exam labs and evaluation. A focused neurological exam and potential MRI of the cervical spine and brain. Labs to check B12 Folic Acid, Lyme titers, RPR and TFTS.

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Left eye pain with movement, problems with hot and cold, migraines, upper lip and nose numbness, left sided face numbness? What causes this?

Max. Sinus disease. You describe dysfunction of the infraorbital nerve. It traverses the roof of the maxillary sinus to innervate the area you describe. Possible causes include tumor or chronic inflammation in maxillary sinus. See ENT specialist or primary care doctor. . Read more...

After getting a pimple on upper lip line, I experience tingling sensation on upper lip and sometimes a bit of numbness. What are the causes?

Classic cold sore. A tiny blister or cluster of blisters that is tingling or numb right at the edge of the lip is classic for cold sores. It will go away after a few days. If getting worse you will want to see a doctor. Read more...