I washed my hair with lice shampoo and used the treatment but head still itches. Help?

Check again. I would thouroughly check your head and hair again for any remaining lice or nits. Often, many of the treatments need to be repeated one week after initial treatment. Also, keep in mind that the shampoos used to treat lice can cause some irritation to the scalp which can induce itching and may not represent a residual lice infestation.

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Smelly hair, itches, no flakes, no scales, no dandruff, no lice. Using neutrogena t/gel shampoo and conditioner. No relief. What is it?

Smelly Hair. Basically, unpleasant odor in hair arises due to microbial growth on oily scalp. Factors like poor personal hygiene, excessive sweating, strenuous physical activity, overactive sebaceous glands on scalp, exposure to chemicals and environmental pollution, cigarette smoking etc contribute in causing smelly hair. Read more...