I'm 19 and they found 2 inflammatory polyps, . 59 cm hyperplastic polyp, and rectal juvenile polyp in my colon. What's the risk of future colon cancer?

Genetics consult. 19 yo woman PMH sig for iron deficiency anemia with colonic polyps found on virtual colonoscopy. You need a referral for a standard colonoscopy where the polyps will be removed and examined pathologically. With your history, you may have Inflammatory Bowel Disease and or some type of familial polyposis which may give you a higher risk in future but your expert GI doc will always watch out for you.
Juvenile polyposis. From just the information here, it's impossible to assess your risk. It depends on what type of juvenile polyps they were. Some types of juvenile polyposis syndromes do carry increased risk of colon cancer, but not all do. Your best bet is to discuss this with your gastroenterologist. Good luck.