Tiny piece of meat between gum & cheek near throat. May get hit while brushing, not the brush part. Been there since wisdom tooth extraction. Whatisit?

Good question. How long ago was the tooth extracted. If within the last few weeks, the area may still be in the process of healing where the gum is not fully filled in, covered over and smooth. However, if it hasn't been getting better or still there after that time, see the dentist who extracted the tooth for an evaluation. Regardless your dentist is responsible for follow up aftercare, almost always no charge.
Need more info. Many times after wisdom tooth extraction, the sockets require sutures. When the gums are closed together, it will bring more "meat" closer to the teeth. Sometimes the patient will bite on this and it continues to be annoyed so it never properly heals back. Depending on when you got your teeth out, would help with more info. If it's been over 6 months since surgery, I would get it looked at.
Tissue Tab. Good day; Frequently a tissue tab is left after wisdom tooth extractions. Contact the dentist who performed the extraction; he may need to remove some tissue around the extraction site to improve the healing and your comfort level as well.