After bronchitis, could a year of pleurisy and severe fatigue followed by necrotizing granulomatous lymphadenitis be from tuberculosis? Node is benign

Lymphadenitis. The pathology from the biopsy is granulomatous lesion it is suggestive of tuberculosis, sarcoidosis is another possibility. the path says lymphadenitis that means the lymph node has pathology how come the node is benign then?. You need a consultation with Pulmonologist and Infectious disease doctor to evaluate and treat appropriately.
It depends lab. It is possible but woul work with your physician and infectious disease specialist to clarify. I assume your physicians looked for that and there are other causes that need to be clarified incduing pulmoanry disease of inflammatory types. You may need to have your physicians have you see pulmoanry specialist and even a rheuamtologist depending on therest of your studies.